Pastors concerned about marijuana dispensaries

Posted at 5:01 AM, Dec 15, 2015

On Thursday, the Detroit City Council will discuss the issue of medical marijuana dispensaries.

The meeting comes as a group of Detroit pastors are now lending their voices to those with concerns about these businesses and where they are often located.

"We as pastors, we're standing together and we're saying no more,” says Pastor Darell Reed.

A coalition of concerned Detroit Pastors are demanding city leaders take action to curtail the growing number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.

Spirit of Love Church shares the block on Mack Avenue with a dispensary, and there's another just across the street.

That’s just two of as many as an estimated 180 such businesses that have sprouted throughout the city. In many cases, they have quickly become unwelcome neighbors.

"We're hearing so many stories of dispensaries that are too close, too close to the neighbors and also the crime," says Reed.

The Pastors say it's also time for the public to speak on an issue that is impacting neighborhoods in a negative way.

"I do not understand how we allow this to go on and act as if it's okay,” says Pastor Marvin Winans. “It is not okay. It not okay in our community. It's not okay in any community."

"Detroit will not be the laughing stock of the country. We are taking a stand and we're saying enough is enough," says Reed.

The pastors say it's beyond the time to rally the community and they intend to do that.  They began with a rally Monday night.