Detroit police investigating delayed response time to home break-in

Posted: 6:41 PM, Feb 20, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-20 18:41:00-05

The Detroit Police Department is launching an internal investigation and admitting mistakes were made after a family was stuck in their home with an intruder for more than 30 minutes.

Officers didn’t arrive until hours later.

DPD isn’t making excuses. They admit things didn’t go as they should have and luckily this family wasn’t harmed.

Penny Anderson says when she and her family came home late Sunday night someone was still upstairs walking around.

Her son told her, “Step out mom. Somebody still in here.”

The intruder, who appeared to be holding down the fort until his accomplices returned, tried to run out, but Penny, her son and grandson blocked his exit.

The two men tackled him while penny called 911.

But eventually he wrestled free and escaped.

Police were still not on the scene and they wouldn’t be for some time – not until about two hours after the call for help came in.

DPD’s top brass told the 7 investigators, “The call taker didn’t do what the call taker is trained to do.”

DPD says once its known an intruder is still in the home, the call should move up in priority.

For whatever reason this call didn’t.

An internal investigation has been launched and the dispatcher who failed to upgrade the call could face discipline.

DPD is vowing to take appropriate action.