Detroit police open new real time crime center inside DPD Headquarters

Posted at 5:46 PM, Nov 17, 2017

Deep inside the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters, 229 live high definition camera feeds are coming in to the new Real Time Crime Center. 

It allows police to witness and record crime in progress. The feeds are coming in 24/7/365 even when businesses are closed. 

Since the Green Light program started at 8 Detroit gas stations in January of 2016, city officials say carjackings are down 44%.

The city also has secret, hidden cameras in spots where illegal dumping has been going on for decades. They won’t say how many cameras. 

They say they’ve gotten 20 convictions in court since the video captured the crimes in progress.

The city will also be using traffic cameras to coordinate with police protection for big events. Those cameras can read license plates. 

Other new technology includes facial recognition when they are seeking specific suspects who may walk into a business with the Green Light system.