Detroit Police reunite woman with stolen dog

Posted at 6:27 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 18:27:54-05

A man is now Detroit Police custody for literally stealing a woman’s Christmas.

“When I first opened the door, you know how you feel something not right,” said Tracey Edwards.

In fact, something was all wrong. Edwards had returned from a funeral Tuesday, when she noticed someone had ransacked her home on the city’s east side.

The intruder stole all of her Christmas presents, but the worse part: he also kidnapped her 4-year-old Yorkie, Remi.

Tracey later discovered the thief was trying to sell her pet on Facebook using a picture with Remi, his cage, and his dog food.

Tracey contacted the Detroit Police Department’s 11th precinct.

“I contacted the person and offered to buy the dog from him,” said Detective Anthony Smith. The detective and the suspect agreed to meet to sell the dog.

As the suspect tried to sell the dog to Det. Smith, police swooped in, and made the arrest. Remi and Tracey were reunited Sunday.

“Oh, I’m very happy,” said Tracey.  “This my baby. This my companion, my friend.”

The Grinch is now behind bars.

Officers were able to get Tracey’s presents back as well, but having Remi in her arms is priceless. This will now be a very special Christmas for the two of them.

“It’s disheartening any time someone’s Christmas is taken from the them,” said Det Smith.  “It’s a great day for the Detroit police department. It’s a great day”

The suspect is now in custody. He will now be charged with Receiving And Concealing Stolen Goods.