Detroit to improve 100 miles of roads and residential streets in 2017

Posted at 5:14 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 17:14:39-04

Motorists will begin to see more and more orange construction barrels around Detroit--and in all areas of the city.

"We identify roads that are most heavily utilized but also, of course, roads that are in the worst condition," said Ron Brundidge, director of the public works for the city of Detroit. "That's how we put our program together." 

The 2017 resurfacing plan unveiled on Wednesday will cover 100 miles and touch each of the seven city council districts, covering both major roads as well as residential streets. 57 miles of the resurfacing will take place in neighborhoods. 

"I can't think there's a more aggressive residential program in the state than you see here in the city of Detroit." said Richard Doherty, a city engineer.  "I was city engineer in the city of Warren for nine years and we did a tenth of a mile of residential street resurfacing and here we're doing 40 to 50 miles a year," said Doherty.

Major streets in the work plan include sections of Evergreen, Cass, Hubbell, Mack, E. 7 Mile, Whittier and Joy Road.

The funding, $63 million this year, is a combination of federal and state money. That's an increase from $53.5 million last year, according to Brundidge.

"What the neighbors had wanted to see and they have seen is, lights on again, dead trees being removed and now streets being paved. It's a very exciting day," said Letty Azar, the city's District 4 Manager. 

The work is expected to be complete by November 15.