Detroit's Most Wanted: Terrance Poindexter

Posted at 12:01 PM, Mar 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-09 23:22:07-05

He’s charged with moving huge quantities of heroin from Detroit to North Carolina. Terrance Poindexter was caught after a sting that brought a big drug ring down- then he was released.

No one in North Carolina seems to know how a “paperwork error” resulted in the mistaken release of Poindexter.  But, the U.S. Marshals say they know is that he’s back here in Detroit and they need your help putting him back behind bars.

“He’s selling heroin, this is an epidemic that is killing everybody these days,” Deputy Aaron Garcia, U.S. Marshals Supervisor said.

But Garcia says Poindexter was not alone.

“This guy is a Detroit guy, huge ties to Detroit, from Detroit, part of the Detroit Boys gang,” Garcia said.

The Detroit Boys is a name given to a drug ring police say trafficked massive quantities of heroin from Detroit to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

“This isn’t your typical nickel and dime drug investigation,” Garcia said. “You’ve got the DEA, you’ve got state police from North Carolina working with the DEA in Detroit and North Carolina this is a massive investigation into this organization.”

Police says the Detroit Boys were caught in the act. They were arrested, charged and some even already sentence when 32-year-old Terrance Poindexter was released.

“This guy gets released, administrative error, don’t know how this happened but he’s back on the street again – all done in error,” Garcia said.

A clerical error at the jail in North Carolina allowed for Poindexter’s release right before he faced a judge  and the Marshals say he came right back home.

“This guy is well connected, knows a ton of people in the Detroit Metro Area, Michigan, in North Carolina,” Garcia said. “He knows people nationwide, his conspiracy and contacts go all the way to the west coast.”

Terrace Poindexter is 6’2” tall and 250 pounds.

“Criminal history of narcotics, large criminal history – he has a tattoo, ‘Cole’s Boy’ you can’t miss it, tattoo on his chest,” Garcia said.

He says Poindexter is going back and forth between North Carolina and Michigan and there are friends and family in Detroit helping him hide.

“He’s a big player, we believe he’s still up to the same nonsense he was in 2013, he just didn’t quit, he just assumed another alias, another name, another ID,” Garcia said.

There’s a cash reward out of both North Carolina and from the U.S. marshals for any information leading to Terrance Poindexter’s arrest.  You can call them anytime and remain anonymous at (313) 234-5656.