Family asks for help finding hit-and-run driver who left biker dying on bridge

Posted at 6:32 PM, Aug 08, 2016

A family is asking for your help finding the driver who ran their loved one over, and left him in the street.

Kenny Troy McKnight, 51, of Detroit loved fishing, BBQing, and spending time with his family, his mom said.

“Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, for me he made them special,” said Lucinda McKnight.

He was married and raising seven kids with his wife.

He had a new hobby. He and some friends had bought bicycles, decked them out with lights, and started going on midnight bike rides together. He was on one such ride with his cousin early Saturday morning when there was a horrible accident.

“He had the big handle bars with all the lights. We had blinking lights. The wheels were lit up,” said Brian Hansborough, his cousin. “The driver can’t say he or she didn’t see us.”

As they rode down the bridge where Mt Elliott and Mound Road meet around 1:00 a.m. a driver came around the curve behind them.

“Flying around, missed me, hit him, and didn’t stop,” said Hansborough. “Didn’t even hit the brakes.”

A nurse driving by, stopped, and helped Hansborough give his cousin CPR, but Kenny didn’t make it.

“It is heartbreaking, knowing I am not going to see my cousin again,” said Hansborough.

“I am praying that they turn themselves in, and take responsibility for what happened to my son,” said McKnight.

Detroit Police are asking for tips.They say witnesses saw a dark or black larger  car, possibly a Lincoln.  It would have front end damage.