Felony charge dismissed in case of Detroit Police Corporal who punched naked woman

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jan 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-15 18:15:54-05

DETORIT (WXYZ) — It was a win in court for a Detroit Police Corporal who has found himself on the other the other side of the law.

During the preliminary exam for 47-year-old Detroit Police Corporal Dewayne Jones the judge watched police video. It shows him respond to help a woman who is completely naked outside in Detroit last August.

He and another officer take the woman to Detroit Receiving Hospital for help.

“Corporal Jones and Officer Taylor exhibited nothing but kindness to her,” said Judge Cylenthia Miller of 36th District Court of what she saw at that point.

Video later shows that once at the hospital, the woman starts to hallucinate and become aggressive. She is seen spitting at and biting officers.

When she doesn’t comply Jones hits her. Prosecutors said Jones responded with excessive force.

“Is this what we expect of our officers?' Is this how they're to be handling people, those who are most in need of help?” asked Joshua Holman, assistant prosecutor.

“I don’t know what the prosecutor’s office want police to do now-a-days,” responded Pamella Szydlak, Jones’ attorney. “He is trying everything to get her under control.”

Miller agreed with Szydlak. She said she does not believe an assault happened, but she will allow the misdemeanor assault and battery charge to go to trial.

However the felony charge of misconduct in office is dismissed.