Former deputy Detroit police chief Tolbert addresses the possibility of charges in Sanford case

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A former Detroit deputy police chief is still awaiting a decision on whether he’s charged with perjury.

James Tolbert has changed his story that led to a 14-year-old going to prison for murder.

Devontae Sanford was released last week a free man, cleared in the case after serving almost 9 years.

Tolbert has been in law enforcement for 30 years. He’s could soon be on the other side of the law.

We talked with him, on the other side of his front door.

Tolbert’s world changed last week, during this news conference with the Wayne County Prosecutor.

Tolbert had testified the then 14-year-old Devontae Sanford drew a sketch of a crime scene in which 4 people were killed in a drug house and that Sanford drew it on a blank sheet of paper.

But then Tolbert changed his story to state police last fall during a new investigation.

Today, Tolbert would only say, “Once I give testimony, there’ll be some clarity to that.”

Tolbert would not come outside to talk with us. He’s facing several years in prison if charged and convicted of perjury.

“There’s nothing I, I, I can’t control that,” he said today. “I can’t control factors I can’t control.

Prosecutor Kym worthy has been reviewing the Michigan State Police warrant request for weeks and her office today says there is no timeline when a decision will be made on whether to charge Tolbert with perjury.

Tolbert says he has an attorney and if he does any more talking, he will do it in court.