Former WSU student loses 135 pounds

Posted at 6:37 PM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 18:37:38-04

For more than a decade, 26-year-old Javon Anderson had been heavy. He had wanted to bulk up while he was a on the defensive line in high school and as a football player at Wayne State University.

“You gotta be a bigger guy to stop those lineman,” said Anderson.

His weight jumped to 330 pounds after college but in 2014 he took his weight head on.

“It began when I was at work and we had a weight loss challenge,” said Anderson. “I started to see results immediately. It kind of fueled me once I started seeing that this was possible.”

In just over a half a year, he lost an amazing 135 pounds. He dropped from 330 pounds to 195.

Yahoo Health showcased his success in its Weight Loss Win series and Tuesday his journey was featured on Good Morning America.

“Once I changed my food and my eating habits, it became a lot easier. A lot of it was cutting back my carbs, sugars. Instead of doing one or two larger meals, 5 or 6 portion sized meals in order to keep my metabolism burning,” said Anderson.

Anderson is hoping his weight loss story inspires other to shed pounds, in a healthy way.