Hundreds attend vigil for Detroit Coney Island owner killed in attempted robbery

Posted at 10:38 PM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-02 22:38:23-04

Hundreds of customers came out Friday night to honor the Detroit Coney Island co-owner, who treated them like family.

Frano "Frank" Juncaj was shot to death two days ago during an attempted armed robbery gone bad at his restaurant on Schaefer.

The parking lot of the southwest Detroit eatery was packed with loyal customers, trying to make sense of the homicide Thursday morning.

The front door of the restaurant is now covered in heart-felt messages and signs of love. They prayed for police to find the 58-year old's killer quickly.

Tajuana McGee told us, "He was like family. That was my uncle, my daddy, my friend." They shared stories of how Juncaj would feed them, and constantly look out for them.

River Rogue detective Dasumo Mitchell was one of hundreds out there and knew the father of three. Mitchell says officers from his department were actually at the restaurant earlier that morning before the homicide. He says they wanted Juncaj to lock the door to his area, concerned for safety. He admitted the co-owner just loved greeting his customers and being with the neighborhood to much to worry.

Juncaj came from Albania and has been here for 36 years. His family says he was expecting his first grandchild in just days.

Police are tracking down all leads right now, but urge you to call them if you have information.