Illegal scrappers busted when neighbors call 911

Posted at 10:36 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 22:36:45-05

Illegal scrappers have been tearing apart Detroit with little fear of going to jail.

Now, a new push is underway to lock them up and it starts with neighbors.

Police say 2 dudes were on a house-stripping spree, when they got caught and it happened because, neighbors were watching.

The call came in to Detroit 911 just after 8 in the morning thursday.

Two dudes, attacking a vacant house at the corner of Norwood and Stockton on Detroit’s east side.

Illegal scrappers have raped Detroit - stealing metal, leaving destruction in their wake.

Too many times in the past illegal scrapping calls went ignored - but no longer.

A description helped police catch up with the illegal scrappers who were making their way through the neighborhood; they were busted a couple blocks away, on eureka.

Dashawn Kaigler, a guy with a long rap sheet, is locked up again, facing several charges, including selling stolen scrap metal

Detroit police say his partner, Damon Banks, got away, but soon, he’ll be caught too.

Detroit police also have a tip line set up to report illegal scrapping; they’ve been successful at also catching the metal thieves at the scrap yards.