Jackpot winning couple kidnapped from Greektown Casino thanks 7 Action News for help getting justice

Posted at 5:57 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 17:57:45-04

Charlotte and Johnny left Greektown Casino smiling. They had experienced a rough few weeks after Johnny suffered a stroke, but finally they seemed to have good luck. 

They had won not one, but two jackpots on the penny slots as they celebrated their anniversary. 

When they looked back, they would realize a man started chatting with them as they won for a reason.

“We started winning more, and he was around us,” said Johnny.

As they left he followed them. As they started to get into their car, he told them he had a gun and ordered them to do as he said.

He forced them to drive away from the casino to a desolate area, then robbed them.

“When he put that gun to the back of my husband’s head, all I could think about was keep him cool and calm. And when he pointed the gun in my face, we did exactly what he wanted,” said Charlotte.

The man took their cash, and immediately they sped home in fear.

They say they called the casino and Detroit Police, but didn’t get the help the needed. They were told they needed to drive back in the city to make a report. They said they were too afraid after being kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint.

“They just said, you have to come down here,” said Charlotte.

That is when she called 7 Action News in tears, asking for help. 

7 Action News reached out to Detroit Police and Michigan State Police. Michigan State Police offered to come to Charlotte and Johnny and take on the case.

“The Michigan State Police troopers came here thanks to you making a call for us,” said Charlotte.

Michigan State Police soon identified the man as a career criminal. Troopers told Charlotte when they found him about a week later, he was assaulting someone else.

"They have him now. And we’re happy,” said Charlotte.

Michigan State Police say right now the suspect is being held by the Michigan Department of Corrections for absconding parole. He is expected to be arraigned soon on kidnapping and armed robbery charges.