Live raccoon dumping sparks outrage on Detroit's west side

Posted at 10:28 PM, Oct 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 23:17:48-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Neighbors who live near Ellis Street and Woodmont Avenue on Detroit's west side have noticed a growing problem; more and more raccoons in their neighborhood.

"It's been all summer. We've seen them in the trees right here on Abington, everywhere," said Catherine Craig, who lives in the area.

Some neighbors told Action News there are so many, that they're nervous to take their trash out at night. What's even more strange, is where the raccoons are coming from.

According to several neighbors, a man dumps the raccoons in heavily wooded areas near their homes.

"He just drops them back and forth. Over here, and over here," said Mitch Conner, pointing to a cluster of trees near his home.

Conner and other neighbors said it's the same man dumping the live raccoons, again and again. They took a photo of the man's truck, and Action News located it based on the license plate; the man lives nearby, less than half a mile away from where the raccoons are dumped.

We went to the man's home, but no one was there.

"I've seen him like 10 times," Conner said.

According to Michigan's Department of Natural Resources, you're allowed to take a raccoon from your property without a permit if it's causing or about to cause damage. However, you're not allowed to dump raccoons onto someone else's property.

Neighbors reported the critters being dropped in the woods near their home, not technically on their property.

"Why you dropping them off here?" Conner asked.

For now, while it may not be against the law, neighbors are frustrated with the headache the animals are causing.

The DNR said neighbors can call them for the animal to be removed, or they can reached out to a private pest removal service.