Local security leaders gather in Detroit for seminar on safety at houses of worship

Posted at 10:01 AM, Feb 11, 2018

Security leaders from 50 local churches and synagogues gathered in Detroit on Saturday for a first of its kind safety conference.

The focus is on how to save lives and be prepared if violence strikes their house of worship.

The nonprofit, Security Leaders Coalition, put on the seminar at Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit.

Carl Chinn was a guest speaker. In 1996, he and others were held hostage by a gunman at Focus on the Family's International Church.

When the nightmare was over, he knew right away that he wanted to share a message of safety
for houses of worship.

Especially now, in the wake of mass shootings, Chinn says a message of readiness is critical.

"Appoint a few people who can be security minded that can watch the back door, watch the areas."

Ron Allen is VP of Security Leaders Coalition. He says it's important to have an "eyes and ears team".

While they pray for safety, they say they must also be prepared for anything.

"It's just common sense to have some level of readiness," says Chinn.