Long lost twins reunited after brother sees sister in story on

Posted at 12:35 AM, Sep 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-16 05:19:50-04

Not many people can say they were reunited with their long lost twin after seeing a report online. 

But that is what happened when Devon Watson-Agnello spotted his sister.

Devon had been searching for his sister for eight years. The twins were removed from their mother’s home when they both were 8 years old. 

For the following four years, they kept in touch. Then, according to Devon’s adoptive mother, Michele Agnello, Mercedes was moved to various foster care homes and could no longer be found.

When it soon seemed hopeless and that he would never find Mercedes, Devon searched once again online recently.

This time, he found a web report on featuring Mercedes from 2013.

Three years ago, 7 Action News did a story about how the special needs young lady was rescued by her teacher after she starting choking on a piece of food at a school picnic.

Through our report ,Devon learned where his sister attended school. He was turned away from the school when he called them to get Mercedes’ contact information due to their privacy policy.

Then, Devon and Michele contacted 7 Action News for help. We called the school. The school contacted Mercedes’ guardian who got in touch with Michele.

This week, the long lost twins were reunited at Mexicantown Restaurant in Southwest Detroit while 7 Action News cameras were rolling.

See Tara Edwards report on the reunion in the video player above.