Longtime Detroiter faces water woes after her bill doubles over recent months

Posted at 5:32 PM, Sep 07, 2016

Sylvionne Elliott has lived in her Detroit home for decades. The widow struggles to make ends meet and a recent spike in her water bill has her budget running dry. 

“I told them I can’t pay that much every month.” Elliott told 7 Action News. 

In recent months, Ms. Elliott’s bill has doubled. 

She says when she contacted the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department she was told the problem must be on her end. 

Her son had a plumber stop and the only problem he found was a small leak in the kitchen faucet. 

DWSD believes Ms. Elliott must have another unknown leak, due to her water usage. They will work with her to get her in a payment plan or in an assistance program to avoid having her water shut off.

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