Loved ones search for answers in toddler's death

Posted: 6:28 PM, May 26, 2016
Updated: 2016-05-26 18:28:19-04

Dorice Peterson is heartbroken and full of questions. Her grandson, Aaron Minor, was found dead in his mom's Detroit apartment on Wednesday.

He was alone.

Peterson says she didn't know her daughter, Deanna, had been picked up and hospitalized on May 16th.

It's not clear how long Aaron was at home by himself or how he died.

"I am her mom and I want some answers," says Peterson.

Peterson says she daughter had been homeless and had gotten help from COTS, the Coalition on Temporary Shelter.

She's not sure what agency had been helping Deanna most recently, but says she has gotten a call in the past from a woman who claimed to be her case worker when Deanna had an emergency.

Detroit police say they just found Deanna at a local crisis center receiving mental health care.

"It's the second time she was picked up in days," says DPD Asst. Chief Steve Dolunt.

Peterson says she last saw Deanna and Aaron 2 weeks ago. She says they were fine, but Deanna wanted to get out of the house because she was a little depressed.

Now, Peterson says she's trying to get to the bottom of what happened to her grandson and why loved ones weren't notified when her daughter was taken to the hospital.