Metro Detroit dog rescue says puppy recovering after chewing off own leg

Posted at 4:29 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 20:30:17-04

An animal rescue group says a dog in Detroit chewed off its leg after getting a cord wrapped around it.

The dog is now named "August" and has a long road to recovery.

The dog's owner told the rescue group, Detroit Pit Crew, that a cord got wrapped around August's leg.

Doctors at the Center Line Veterinary Hospital think she either chewed it off because the pain was so severe or because the leg started to rot.

Teresa Sumpter of Detroit Pit Crew is livid that a dog owner did not properly care for August when a cord was wrapped tightly around her leg.

Teresa got a call Wednesday night from a concerned neighbor on Detroit's east side.

"And they said there was a dog running around that had what looks like part of the leg missing," she explained. "Was in distress, so we just wanted to basically get the dog, rush it to the vets office and sort out the details later."

She briefly talked with the dog's owners who surrendered the pup, they called Princess.

"And there was no emotion when we were taking the dog. It wasn't like, 'oh thank you for taking care of Princess. Thank you for coming here to help her.' It's just like, 'here you go. I signed. Goodbye.'"

They told Teresa the dog is about a year old and lived in this garage.

The doctors at Center Line Veterinary Hospital say August could have chewed off her leg because the wrapped cord was causing too much pain or because the leg began to rot.

She also has a case of tetanus.

Dr. Michelle Koss said, "Hear that in wild animals obviously getting caught and chewing their leg off to survive, that was pretty traumatic. There must have been something majorly wrong."

We confronted someone who lives in the home and she says she nor anyone else at the house owns the dog.

She claims the dog was already living in the garage before they moved here.

Now that August is safe, emotions have set in for Teresa.

She said, "Why? Why would you let this happen? Do you understand the pain this dog endured?"

The vet bill will cost thousands of dollars if you want to donate, click here.