Metro Detroit seniors say plumber left them without working water and toilet

Posted at 8:36 PM, Jan 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-30 20:36:30-05

"This has been the month from hell."

Jean Kales is 83-years-old, but she says this is day 27 of living with no working water.

She and her 62-year-old daughter say they brought in Craig Yaeger of Top Notch Plumbing and Drain Services to address a busted pipe earlier this month

The seniors say they forked over $400 but were told a much bigger repair project was needed. New piping, they say they were told, was needed throughout the house, along with a new bathroom floor. 

The say they gave him another $1600….then another $2300. In total they say they paid Yaeger $5100 in cash for materials

The work began but was never completed. They showed our Seven Action News camera a completely gutted bathroom, with no insulation bringing in a freezing cold draft throughout the house. 

The bathtub was left sitting on the kitchen floor. The toilet was left sitting in the backyard. 

And they claim Yaeger stopped answering their calls. So our taking action team jumped on the case.

We couldn't find Yaeger in person but later heard from his attorney who said it was the homeowners who asked that the contractor not return to do the work after an argument. The statement reads:

“the homeowners told mr. Yeager they didn’t want him him back at their home. [he] stands ready to to resolve this matter and always intended to return the unused portion of the money he received”

It’s unclear how much will be refunded, but the the company says the money will be returned by Monday. 

Seven Action News will stay will follow up until the funds are returned.


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