Metro Detroiters are living it up on the warmest day of 2018

Posted at 5:25 PM, May 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 17:25:41-04

Metro Detroiters are out and enjoying the warmest day we’ve had since October.

"I've been waiting for this day since last year!” said Paige Kosowan, out walking her two kids at the Detroit RiverWalk. 

"Beautiful, just perfect,” said Comfort Stillion, as she enjoyed the sunshine sitting along the river.

From walking to biking, to skating to boating, if it’s an outdoor activity, folks are out enjoying it,

Archie Elerson, his fiance, and his baby daughter enjoyed a picnic lunch of Slows BBQ at a local park in the the Northend. 

"If you a couch potato come on out, don't ride that couch, it feels great out here, it's beautiful, get some sunshine, get some air,” said Elerson.

The lunchtime walkers at the RiverWalk are just getting back into their routine.
"It seems like summer is the shortest season! and winter lasts forever,” said walker, Audrey Binion.

Over to Hines Park, there’s boating, birdwatching and fishing.

"Whatever I can catch, bass, pike, perch, whatever,” said Mike Vankuren, out on the dock, casting his line.
"It's just nice to enjoy the weather, it don't cost anything it's free,” said Vankuren.

Biker, Dave Pilarz said this has been one of the longest winters he can remember.
"My mom is 90 years old and she says this is the first spring that she remembers the trees look winter dead this late in the season,” said Pilarz.

He’s shaking off the winter blues and doing what he loves.

"All winter I've been waiting to come out here and ride my bike,” said Pilarz.

The weather is sublime, but many metro Detroit's are tempering their enjoyment, just a little, in case there’s more snow in the forecast.
"This is Michigan and you know in the blink of an eye it will chance, but hopefully it's here to stay,” said Binion.