Monica Conyers tells 7 Action News she's on a new path in an exclusive one-on-one interview

Posted at 6:26 PM, Sep 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-22 18:33:00-04

Monica Conyers rose to the top of Detroit city politics, fell to rock bottom in a city hall corruption case, has been living a low key private life for the last several years and now is choosing a new public life.

I've followed her around Detroit City Hall to Federal Court and now this new career a radio talk show host.

She picked me to do her first interview because she says I'm "accurate and tell the truth."

Monica Conyers will be on the air at 1:00 pm Sundays on 910 AM.

Is she telling all? She's telling some.

Is she answering all of the lingering questions about her scandal, her relationship with her husband, Congressman John Conyers? Recent reports that they renewed their wedding vows may not be accurate. She explains, sort of.

She admits her own responsibility in the case that sent her to Federal Prison for two years. She admits she spoke her mind and shouldn't have in the exchange that never gets old when she called then City Council President Ken Cockrel, Shrek during a heated exchange.

What Monica Conyers will be on the radio?

See both my report and our entire interview with her in the vieo player above.