Neighbor on deadly shooting: 'I heard yelling, screaming, please don't kill me'

Posted at 5:09 PM, Nov 27, 2017

One woman is dead and another is in the hospital after being shot during a home invasion in the 2600 block of Wreford Street.

The shooting prompted a massive police response and closed streets for hours near New Center on the west side early this morning.

Neighbor Tefferroa James said he woke up to commotion next door around 6 a.m.

"He was trying to bang and get inside. I heard yelling, screaming, please don't kill me. I heard all of that."

Police say the shooter kicked his way into the home where his estranged ex-girlfriend and their 9-day-old baby girl were living with the woman’s friend. Also inside was the shooter's 11-year-old daughter.

"As soon as he made entry into the location he began to fire multiple shots, striking the girlfriend. She was hit three times,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Craig says the ex-girlfriend, a 28-year-old was able to escape the home with the 11-year-old.

Police say the woman's friend, a 26-year-old, was shot and killed by the gunman, before he killed himself.

"Friend was just her protector, she was one of her angels, she had a few other angels that were protecting her through the summer,” said Tefferroa James.

Police, who have not released the name of the shooter say he has a long and violent past, “weapons, narcotics, assault with intent to murder."

They say the ex-girlfriend even got a personal protection order against him, just two weeks ago, although police say he was at the home the night before this shooting.

Tefferroa believes the new mother was trying to work things out with her ex after the birth of their daughter.

“The kid is only nine days old, that's how long it took. She was trying to give the guy another chance."

Police say domestic violence escalates during the holidays because of added stress, they urge families to get help as soon as possible.

The 9-day-old baby girl was found inside with hypothermia, but was not hurt in the shooting.

Police have not released an update to the woman's hospital condition.