Neighbors say they were tricked into signing petition supporting Detroit salvalage yard

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 18:49:25-04

Neighbors say they were tricked into signing their names to support a salvage yard which some believe to be a neighborhood nuisance.

Ryan’s Salvage Yard backs up to a neighborhood on Detroit’s west side. 

In June, a public hearing was held after neighbors raised concerns with city officials about the fence which surrounds the busy business. 

At the meeting, neighbors tell 7 Action News they were surprised when a consultant for the salvage yard presented signatures from dozens of neighbors in support of the business. 

Confused, they started talking with some of those neighbors who pledged support for Ryan’s Auto Salvage and learned some were in support of the business, but in stopping illegal dumping. They claim representatives came through the neighborhood with flyers about fighting the illegal dumping and provided information on how to report, including contacted the City of Detroit’s Ombudsman’s office. 

“I felt like I was mislead, lied to about everything.” Katherine Williams told 7 Action News.

Greg Bowens, a consultant hired by Ryan’s Salvage Yard, says the letter of support was very specific and he doesn’t understand why anyone would be confused and the letter of support was clearly written.

The City of Detroit’s Ombudsman’s office will be looking into how the signatures were collected and if they are valid.