New Detroit based company launches Cason as an alternative to soda pop

Posted at 4:58 PM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-29 16:58:19-05

Most people have healthy New Year's resolutions after they "pop the bubbly" and there is one local company that just rolled out with a new healthy alternative to pop!

It's sweet - refreshing - and fizzy but don't call 'Cason' pop. It's supposed to be a healthy alternative to soda, it's says it in the name.

"Which is actually an acronym for 'clean alternative to soft drinks plus antioxidants and natural sweeteners," said Founder Cason Thorsby.

The Detroit-based drink just launched in the fall and prides itself as being tastier than sparkling water and having less calories and sugar than pop.

Thorsby created the recipe based on healthy living.

He said, "I'm anti-sugar. I'm a health conscious guy. I really care what I put in my body."

It took two and half years from concept to canning. They are branding it as a great mixer for mock-tails and cocktails.

"This clean cocktail revolution we are going towards, the trends, the future, is there."

The drink can be found in several local retailers. It comes in two flavors, ginger and lemon-lime. They will roll out with the fruity flavors in February: blood orange and a wild berry pomegranate.

"We just got on Amazon Prime," Thorsby explained. "We are at 7Greens right now, both locations Detroit and Birmingham. And Bigby Coffee, this is really cool, the first major retail chain to pick us up in 250 accounts is Bigby Coffee. We got that news last night."

Even though Cason is just starting to hit the market, don't burst the founder's bubble. He has some pretty big goals for this liquid gold.

"I want to expand regionally, nationally and - my dreams are - international. I want this to be a really big company."

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