Veterans group walks the streets of Detroit to help police

Posted at 11:18 PM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 09:42:29-04

A new group called the Peace Peddlers is teaming up with the Detroit Police Department to help with community policing and improving neighborhoods.

"We go where the squad cars can't, we can travel the distance that the pedestrian officers can’t,” said Travis Peters the founder of the Peace Peddlers.

The group just got rolling, their inaugural ride was during the Ford Freedomfest Fireworks.

On Tuesday, they were out in the neighborhoods near the 6th Precinct focusing on Green Light Partner businesses.

"As time goes and we grow in our numbers in recruiting, we hope to be out in more and more neighborhoods,” said Peters.

Peters is a veteran himself, he got Detroit Police Chief James Craig on board, and they’re using existing grant money from the department to buy shirts, bikes and helmets.

The goal is to be community based, they’re not responding to to violent crimes, but instead to quality of life issues.
“Un-boarded, abandoned dwellings, illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles, utility emergencies,” said Peters.

He said already on Tuesday they received a lot of encouragement from people in the neighborhoods.

"We spoke to kids today, there was an elderly lady pulling her bottles and she needed help, one of our peace peddlers got off his bike and literally helped an old lady cross the street,” said Peters. 
Peters said he started the Peace Peddlers because he has a passion for Detroit.

"I love my city,” said Peters.

Along with a passion for giving back.

"Our veterans, we do global peace keeping, humanitarian efforts to a worldwide perspective, why not take that same service commitment and fulfillment and do that right in your own backyard,” said Peters.

If you’re a veteran and you’re interested in becoming a part of the group call Officer Sean Wilson with DPD in the Community Liaison office at 313-670-1306.