New restaurant Calexico is 4th for entrepreneur who remains bullish on downtown Detroit development

Posted at 6:36 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 18:36:30-04

It's an even bigger bet on downtown Detroit for entrepreneur Randy Dickow with the opening of his fourth restaurant in the city.

Calexico has been now been open for a little over three weeks in Campus Martius. The concept had its beginnings with a food truck in Brooklyn, New York, according to Dickow, who made a deal to open a restaurant here. 

"Here in the central business district there's not a lot of Mexican options and especially a place to get great Mexican food and also a nice, cool, relaxed approachable atmosphere to be able to hang out as well," said Dickow. 

Calexico is Dickow's fourth restaurant in Detroit. He opened Lunchtime Gobal in the First National Building in 2009, before downtown development took off.

"My friends all told me I was crazy for investing in Detroit," said Dickow. "At the time, I just saw a lot of upside and a lot of opportunity." 

He subsequently opened Sweet Lorraine's Mac n' Cheez in the Renaissance Center and Freshii, which is located in the 1001 Woodward Building. It opened in 2015. 

"To get where we are now is nothing short of a miracle, just an amazing experience to be a part of it," Dickow said.

The restaurants have created over 140 jobs, a proud accomplishment for Dickow, who said he plans to make further investments as the development boom continues in Detroit.