Owner of Nancy Whiskey pub in Corktown facing federal investigation

Posted at 11:39 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-09 11:59:56-04

It’s a Motor City hot spot, the cornerstone of Corktown. It’s the Nancy Whiskey and it’s been voted one of the best neighborhood bars in the country.

However, the place that can pack in the crowds is now knee deep in court documents.

Owners Eva Reyes and Gerald Stevens are in the center of a federal probe. 

The couple did not want to comment, but some of their supporters were vocal about their innocence and say all this legal business is bogus.

Reyes works as a legal assistant for the Department of Justice and happens to own the bar with her husband. 

The allegations against her: alleged misconduct concerning her ownership interest of the Nancy Whiskey.

The feds are calling out allegations of money laundering and false statements. 

7 Action News has also learned that the bar and other properties were raided in the past, though everything seems to come back clean.

Now, the couple is fighting back. Trying to stop a Department of Justice subpoena for their bank records.

The feds are looking to see if things don’t add up. 

One thing is certain, this is a legal showdown and both sides are rolling up their sleeves.