Parts of Detroit still dealing with flooding after heavy rainfall

Posted: 5:17 PM, Sep 30, 2016
Updated: 2016-09-30 22:20:13Z
Parts of Detroit still dealing with flooding

On Detroit’s west side, Lawrence Street looks more like a river than a roadway. Neighbors are fed up.

“This has been going on far too long. Every time it rains, this happens. Every time it rains,” Dorthy Cunningham told 7 Action News.

While the problem isn’t new, it doesn’t make dealing with the waterlogged roadway any less frustrating.

“Trying to get back and forth, it’s horrible. I couldn’t even get the kids out this morning,” one neighbor said.

Neighbors have tried using rakes to clear the catch basins, but it’s done little to ease the water woes. Neighbors say they have reported the problem, but crews have yet to arrive to clear the clogged drain.

You can report blocked catch basins and other issues thru the Improve Detroit app . It’s a free download for your smartphone.