Police search for group of men wanted in two Detroit carjackings

Posted at 10:20 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-11 23:27:49-04

Two carjackings - one in the middle of the night, the other in broad daylight and police believe the same men are responsible for both.

The first happened on a rainy night last week.

A man stopped in a Coney Island on Davison. Five males in the restaurant aren't customers - they're predators. They chased the man until they got his keys and took his car.

Police later recovered the 2014 Ford Taurus after a short chase, but the suspects got away.

Two days later there was another carjacking. It happened in broad daylight at a party store on Livernois and Linden, just a few miles away from the Coney Island.

The unsuspecting victim in the 2002 Dodge Durango was there to pick up his girlfriend, who works in the store.

After the attackers force him out at gunpoint, they waited - intending to make the girlfriend their next victim.

The suspects are still at large. Police are hoping someone will recognize them and get them off the streets-- before they strike again.