Protesters call on Detroit business to join Project Greenlight

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Protesters marched in a Detroit neighborhood to put pressure on a business to sign up with Project Greenlight.

Project Greenlight is a partnership between police and businesses that allows police to keep a live watch for crime through surveillance feeds. According to the Project Greenlight website it costs businesses at least $4,000 to $6,000 for equipment .

Protesters tell 7 Action News this is about making the neighborhood safer. They say they see to much crime in the area around the business. 

When the manager of the Valero at West Vernor and West Grand Blvd learned protesters planned to march - calling for the business to join Project Green light - he felt  the business was being bullied. He says the decision not to join Project Greenlight was about cost. The owner of the business took action to keep employees and customers safe, investing instead in a high definition surveillance system. 

“I feel safe,” said Bruce Zahr, the business’ manager. “As you can see my bullet proof is open here. It is a safe area.”

7 Action News reached out to police. We were told police were called to the location about once a month in recent months. Most of the time the call was about a suspicious person, not a specific crime. There was a larceny investigation recorded as having happened at that location in June.

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