Should Common Core be repealed?

Posted at 7:04 PM, Feb 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-15 19:04:15-05

If you have school age children, you have seen the impact of Common Core state standards. They set the grade level expectations for school age kids.

Some say they make sure kids are pushed to achieve. Others say they are inflexible and require unnecessary instruction.

Now  one lawmaker appears to be working to repeal them, whether he has the power to do so or not. has sent out notice of a press conference scheduled for next week.  It says State Rep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland) is expected to announce legislation to repeal and replace Common Core.

State Board of Education President John Austin says it is not up to legislators to change state standards.  He said if that were allowed, politics would lead to excessive change in curriculums, harming success.

Austin said he understands the new way of teaching may be confusing for parents, but education experts and business leaders came up with Common Core standards to make sure kids are prepared for college.

“These are standards set by Michigan, with the help of leaders in the business committee to determine standards that are good for Michigan,” said Austin.

If you search Common Core online you will see numerous viral posts by frustrated parents. Its new way of teaching math, by diagramming steps towards an answer, baffling many who didn’t learn that way.

"Everyone is completely lost,” said Rochelle Bruk, a mom.

Bruk says Common Core policies lead her to look at private schools. She says she feels kids learn in different ways, and Common Core is narrow-minded. 

She also said she wants teachers to have flexibility in teaching kids on a case by case basis for overall success. 

“Not 'This is what the state says you need to know and how you need to learn it',” said Bruk.