Surveillance video shows thieves who targeted Detroit's Capuchin soup kitchen

Posted at 4:47 PM, Nov 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 17:15:04-05

You can help solve the break-in at the Capuchin soup kitchen on Detroit’s east side.

Surveillance video clearly shows 2 guys inside the center.

The time stamp on the video shows this started after 10:00 pm last night and went on until 2:00 am.

When it was over, 3 computers, a heater and damage to the building will cost this center that operates on a shoestring thousands.

The first guy, in the parking lot, breaks the window on the front of the guard shack and spends several minutes inside.

He will eventually leave out the back - away from the camera.

Later in the morning they would find out the only thing of value that was taken was a heater.

Just before midnight, a man picks up a rock and carries it toward the building.

The rock was used to break a window on one of the doors to get inside.

In another shot, the burglar looks older, wearing a blue hoodie with a logo on the front, a do rag, sweat pants and light colored gym shoes.

You see the men run through the kitchen area, outside of surveillance camera range. They take 3 computers from the Rosa Parks After School Study Area.

Another of the burglars is wearing a light colored zip up jacket, a ball cap, black shoes.  He is a bigger guy and has a goatee.

This would take about 3 hours total to play out.

If you know who these guys are, call Detroit police right away.