Beauty store break-in suspect steals bag of hair

Posted at 10:25 PM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-17 08:20:34-04

A thief on Detroit’s west side cut a hole in the side of a beauty supply store and made off with a bag of hair.

The incident happened at Nice Beauty Supply at 18800 W. McNicols last week in the early morning hours and it was all caught on surveillance video.

The store’s owner, Amy Park, said she had taken all of the money out of the cash register before closing.

"The guy, the bad guy was looking for money but it was not in there,” said Park.

The surveillance video shows the man attempting to steal from the register, but finding it empty. He starts to panic and runs back and forth when the alarm starts going off. Since there is no cash in the register, he grabs hair extensions.

"He got a small shopping bag and he put it all together,” said Park.

Park said the hair extensions are sometimes very expensive, but this time, he didn’t make off with too much valuable merchandise. She said the damage done during the break-in is going to cost her more.

"They cut a little, small hole, I don't know how they came through."

Detroit Police hope anyone that recognizes the man in the video will help in the investigation and call Crime Stoppers 1 (800) SPEAK-UP.