Tempers flare at Detroit Public Schools' meeting

Posted at 10:16 PM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 23:16:55-04

Tempers flared at a Detroit Public Schools meeting on Tuesday night. Teachers in attendance are upset about the transition manager in charge.

On Tuesday night, Judge Steven Rhodes, appointed by the Governor Rick Snyder as the transition manager of DPS held a public meeting about the current budget situation.

During the public comment section, many teachers and even some students took to the microphones to voice their displeasure about the current situation.

The big issues they want addressed, they want the Governor’s appointed leader to meet with the locally elected school board and they want an audit.

Halfway through the meeting, Rhodes changed his mind and agreed to a meeting with elected school board members.

"The argument was very persuasive, these are locally elected representatives of the community on DPS matters and on education and I should respect the judgement of that those elections reflect,” said Rhodes.

He plans to meet with board members this week.

He said he hopes the meeting is civil. He also said this proves just how passionate Detroiters are about education.

"Their argument really isn't with me, it's with the legislature and they really should direct their passion there,” said Rhodes.