Tenants in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood accuse management of using red balloons to rent shame

Posted at 6:29 PM, Nov 05, 2018

Several residents in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood are seeing red. Many of the renters are feeling neglected and disrespected after a symbol of celebration was placed on their doors – a symbol that did not make them smile.  

It was a big red balloon with a message attached to call the property management company, KMG Prestige.

“When you call the office, they say that’s just because you’re behind on your rent," says tenant Tamika Powell. 

The neighbors who spoke with 7 Action News are embarrassed and appalled. Many of them have lived in the neighborhood for nearly two decades. 

They take great pride in helping to turn the blight into beauty. After all, they’ve been promised to be able to purchase these homes.

Many of them are poor, and every spare penny goes into their homes as well. 

No one is making an excuse about paying rent.

Obviously, you are supposed to pay your rent. For some of the residents who received the red balloon, it was just a rough month, when it came to money.

Others did not pay on purpose, hoping to prove a point to KMG.

“They want us to pay our rent and upkeep the neighborhood, our grass and they don’t want to do their part, and that’s ridiculous,” says tenant Dawn Wilson-Clark. 

I called KMG, let a voicemail and even stopped by. So far, we have not received a reply.