Tow trucks remove boats abandoned on Detroit's west side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Early Monday morning, tow trucks arrived to haul away two boats left behind on Detroit’s west side. Neighbors wanted the eyesores gone. 

Tracking down the previous owner didn’t take a detective. Everyone on the block knew exactly where they came from and how the ended up on the side of the street. 

Eric Lee says a demo crew tore down a house a few weeks ago. The boats, along with two cars, were sitting on the lot. He told 7 Action News the cars were hauled away that day, but the crew used a forklift to move the boats to the roadway, where they remained.  

Tired of looking at them, neighbors called city hall to have them removed. 

You can also report abandoned vehicles thru the City of Detroit’s, Improve Detroit app. It’s a free download for your smartphone.

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