Trees wreaks havoc on Detroit neighborhood twice in less than one week

Posted: 7:02 PM, Oct 18, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-18 19:02:38-04

"It’s basically a hazard to this whole entire block," said Sheila Martin of a branches that have fallen from the same tree for the second time in a week. 

The first time, it completely blocked off Blackstone, near i-96 and outer drive, making it so cars couldn't pass.  

But what really alarmed neighbors is the fact that it almost struck a man who had been riding nearby on a bike. 

The city came out the first time and cleaned up the mess. At that point, they were told the city would return and pull the entire tree down two weeks later. 

But the tree didn’t make it a full week without falling again. Neighbors say they reached out to Channel 7 out of concern for safety after being unable to get through to the city. 

"It was almost on my neighbors house. What if my kids, what if her child was outside?," said Martin, who lives just across the street from where the tree stands. 

Channel 7 reached out to the city, and the forestry department returned to the scene within an hour to begin removing the new debris. 

As for taking the tree down, the city says it’s a bigger process but that they will expedite it and have it down by this Saturday.