Suspect in custody for the shooting of two Detroit police officers

Posted at 8:40 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 18:18:02-04

2:40 p.m. Thursday

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the two officers who were shot on Wednesday night are still in stable condition at Detroit Receiving Hospital. He has spoken with both of the officers. 

The two officers were both members of the 3rd Precinct Special Ops unit, patrolling the area for narcotics when they were shot.

According to Craig, there has been an increase in non-fatal shootings in the area, which they believe were tied to narcotics, so the officers were in the area.

One officer was a 20-year veteran of the force and the other a 4-year veteran.

Right now, police are waiting for ballistics on the weapon to gain more information.

According to Craig, the suspect, Raymond Durham, is also in stable condition at Henry Ford Hospital.

2:00 p.m. Thursday

Detroit Police Chief James Craig is expected to give another update shortly.

11:01 a.m. Thursday 

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says the suspect in custody for the shooting of two police officers DID NOT confess to the shooting of Sgt. Collin Rose.

During a news conference on Thursday morning, Craig thanked the more than 200 officers from multiple agencies that helped the investigation on Wednesday night.

Right now, Craig says they are not sure about the motive, but saying the suspect was very violent and he was "clearly trying to kill our officers."

According to the chief, one officer was a 20-year veteran of the force, working for the third precinct with special operations. His partner was a four-year veteran of the force.

10:26 a.m. Thursday

Detroit Police Chief James Craig holds news conference on the shooting of two police officers.

9:33 a.m. Thursday 

Detroit police say the officers were not in the area specifically for an investigation on Sgt. Collin Rose. They were in the area because of a narcotics complaint and other crimes. 

Right now, there are no connections between this shooting and the shooting of Sgt. Rose. 

It's unclear whether the suspect was shot by one of the officers, but he did suffer a gunshot injury. 

8:05 a.m. Thursday 

Sources tell 7 Action News that Durham's handgun recovered last night is now being tested to determine if it's a match to the bullet that killed Sgt. Collin Rose. 

5:44 a.m. Thursday


Dispatch audio has been released from the shooting incident on Wednesday night. 

Listen below:

5:11 a.m. Thursday

The officers and suspect remain in the hospital this morning, police say.

We're told the officers were investigating the murder of Wayne State University Police Sgt. Collin Rose Wednesday night when they were shot.  (this statement was clarified by police at 9:30 a.m.) 

11:08 p.m.

Detroit police Chief James Craig says Durham has been shot in one of his legs and taken to Henry Ford Hospital.

Craig says he was shot during the initial encounter with the two wounded police officers.

He was taken into custody without incident. His weapon has been recovered.

10:56 p.m.

Sources are telling 7 Action News that Durham is in custody. He has been shot and his condition isn't known. His gun has been recovered.

Durham was found near Michigan and Vinewood.

10:01 p.m.

A source is telling 7 Action News that both officers are in stable condition.

9:59 p.m.

Police Chief James Craig says tonight's shooting occurred in the area where Wayne State Police Sgt. Collin Rose was shot. 

9:51 p.m.

Police Chief James Craig says a 20 year veteran and a four year veteran approached the suspect outside of a known narcotics location.

Craig says the man pulled out a gun and fired shots at the officers.

One of the officers was shot in the ankle and was also hit in the vest, but the bullets did not penetrate.

The second officer was shot in the neck. His exact condition isn't known, but he is expected to recover.

The officers did return fire. It's not known if their shots the suspect.

Craig says Durham, who is now being called a suspect, is armed and dangerous.

9:31 p.m.

We have been told Police Chief James Craig will be addressing the media shortly.

9:21 p.m.

The person of interest in the shooting, Raymond Durham, has a criminal record for felony breaking and entering.

9:10 p.m.

7 Action News has learned the person of interest in the shooting in Raymond Durham, a 60-year-old man.

9:08 p.m.

Police have released the above picture of a person of interest in the shooting. His name has not been released.

8:56 p.m.

7 Action News is learning that one of the officers was taken to the hospital in a scout car. It is not clear how the second officer was transported.

Both officers work out of the 3rd precinct. One of them was shot in the legs.

8:40 p.m.

7 Action News has learned that two Detroit police officers have been shot.

Their conditions aren't known. They have been taken to the hospital.

It happened at Tillman and Ash, near I-96 and Martin Luther King, on the city's west side.

Police are looking for an African American man in tan pants and tan jacket.

If you have any information, call Detroit police immediately.