Two killed in four car crash in Detroit, witness and victim speak

Posted: 6:09 PM, Aug 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-03 22:09:47Z

A crazy scene late last night on Detroit’s west side. Four cars crash. Two people are killed.  Some run off after it happened. 

Two police departments are investigating.  It happened at the corner of Telegraph and Grand River.

Police say it started with what was supposed to be a traffic stop in Southfield. But the driver of a Corvette sped off and drove into Detroit. 

Southfield police ended their pursuit at the city limits.

One witness who does not want to be identified said the crash was loud. 

“I was a couple of blocks over, and I heard like a train hitting another train. It was horrible.” 

She also says they had to use the Jaws of Life to get into one of the cars. 

The Corvette slammed into the back of a Pacifica Minivan so hard the front of the Corvette was broken off, and the Minivan was a mangled mess. 

A piece of debris hit the car next to the van. 

“Her back window had been blown out, so I guess that car had exploded,” said Timothy Thompson, the boyfriend of that driver, Deandra Schultz. 

She says there was no police chase; the Corvette came out of nowhere.

She has a simple message for anyone who thinks about running from police in the future, “Just take the ticket. You guys could have killed me. I almost died last night.”

She had three friends riding with her, and their car was hit by a Dodge Charger after they pulled off Telegraph. They were not seriously injured. 

Police say four people inside that Charger then ran off. 

Police say the driver of the Corvette who was killed is a black male age 46 and the driver of the Pacifica who was killed is a 41-year-old black male, but no names have been released. 

The investigation continues.