Two men once caught illegally dumping in Detroit now work to help clean up the city

Posted at 8:28 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-04 20:28:40-04

Illegal dumpers caught in the act and shamed on TV are making good on a promise to help clean up Detroit.

John and Trevor took a break from their landscaping job with JDD landscaping to help haul away debris dumped on a Detroit Streets.  

It’s part of a promise they made to neighborhood camera crusader Jonathan Pommerville after Trevor was busted dumping tree debris in Brightmoor.

“It was a one time incident for me. I was having a bad day. I’m just glad my mistake can make a positive mark on the city.” said Trevor.

Pommerville recruited the two guys for a “Return to Sender." That’s where Pommerville will track down someone who illegally dumped in the area and return the debris.

In this case, the trash led Pommerville to a house on Winston Street. While there, he met up with two guys clearing out the house. The truck they were driving matched the description of who neighbors say dumped the debris.

Trevor says other's should learn from his mistake and don't dump in Detroit.

Online records list the owner as Alfa Kibbi Properties, LLC.

The information on the illegal dumping has been turned over to Detroit Police for prosecution.

You can watch more of Jonathan Pommerville’s confrontations at:

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