Tyree Guyton to disassemble the Heidelberg Project over the next 2 years

Posted at 5:52 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 17:52:37-04

The iconic Heidelberg Project in Detroit turns 30 this year and it's artistic creator is making some big changes - which include dismantling the very work that continues to bring people here from all across the globe.

Abandoned homes turned into art - clocks, sneakers, car hoods given new life - all on Heidelberg street on Detroit's east side.

One man's vision turned this area into a destination for hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe who have an appreciation for imagination.

But things will soon change.

“Tyree will start to dismantle a lot of what he's created out her on the vacant lots," Jeneene Whitfield.

Whitfield is the Executive Director of the Heidelberg Project and is married to 60-year-old Tyree Guyton - who started fighting blight with art back in 1986.

The couple has dealt with their fair share of critics, many of them referring to this two block stretch as junk, and watched about a dozen arson-fueled fires destroy homes and artwork here.

Still they say they will continue to change lives and community through art.

Some of the pieces will go into museums, while others may be sold.

We're told most of the art will be taken down within the next 2 years. As for the Polka Dot House - it will likely be turned into a museum.