Victory Inn's so-called 'Dragon Lady' wants out of federal custody

Posted at 5:57 PM, Apr 06, 2017

The so-called Dragon Lady wants to be released from federal custody. 

The feds have charged 40-year-old Janette Tawfik as madam and drug boss who was working inside the Victory Inn when it was busted in January. 

Fourteen women were rescued - allegedly forced to work in prostitution. 

Federal prosecutors told Judge Mark Goldsmith today that the hotel was a widespread, horrific operation of drugs and prostitution and that Tawfik allegedly told women, "My man is not paying you to sit here" and that they needed to go out on Michigan Avenue and work as prostitutes. 

The defense attorney argued to the judge that Tawfik is a desk clerk who was telling the women they needed to pay their rent to stay in the motel. 

The feds say 40 of the 42 rooms were used for drugs and sex. 

The alleged leader, Darrick "Tone" Bell is still not in custody. He's a convicted killer. 

The feds allege Tawfik was infatuated with "Tone" and want her kept locked up. 

A total of 6 are charged in the case. The charges they face include Conspiracy, Sex Trafficking by Force and Distribution of drugs.

The penalties are up to life if convicted.