Viewers and 7 Action News team members help make girl's dream of meeting a WNBA player come true

Posted at 10:43 PM, Dec 27, 2016

There are so many people and families in need around the holidays.

And while not every Christmas wish can be granted, there's one we want to share tonight and it will truly make you believe in the magic of the season.

Sometimes it takes a team effort to make a dream come true and that's what this next story is really all about.

A homeless child in Detroit had one wish for Christmas and with the help of my colleagues, we made one teen's Christmas wish come true.

It's not easy being homeless, it's stressful and for a teenager it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders especially during the holidays.

That's the impression I got when I met 14-year-old Gabrielle Randall.

She and her siblings were taking part in Pictures of Hope, where world renowned photographer Linda Solomon teaches youngsters like the kids at the Cots Homeless Shelter in Detroit how to depict their dreams in a photograph.

I met a number of kids, teens and adults at the shelter who had a lot to take in, including a visit by Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, but Gabrielle stood out - especially when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

Her response? She wanted to meet a WNBA Player.

I thought how could we make this Christmas wish come true with Christmas only days away,

My colleagues Brad Galli and Stephen Clark thought 'let's tweet it out' to you, our viewers, and within no time one response after another came flowing in.

Through the world of social media, a friend at another television station put us in touch with Anthony "Doc" Cornell, who runs an AAU Basketball program at the Hype Gym in Detroit.

He jumped at the chance to help.

Anthony Cornell says, "I always feel this is my assignment from God, to help out. So, when I got the call from one of my AAU parents, I woke up and called Aerial's mom and dad."

Within a day Aerial Powers' parents offered to take Gabrielle her sister and their mom to not only meet Aerial, but to ride with them to a women's basketball game at MSU.

We wanted to surprise Gabrielle, so her mom told her she had to miss basketball practice, but she didn't say why and, boy oh boy, was Gabrielle upset.

But when she learned why that frown turned upside down. Then came tears of joy.

Gabrielle says, "I was kind of upset that I couldn't go to basketball practice, but now I'm going to get to meet an WNBA player, so I'm okay."

Gabrielle also told us why basketball means so much to her

Gabrielle says, "It helps me not worry about my dad not being here and makes me not think about anything else but helping you."

Aerial's parents Juan and Cecelia Powers drove them to the game and boy did they had a ball, sitting right behind the players bench, meeting Aerial's teammates and Gabrielle was even given a ball signed by Aerial's teammates.

Aerial's mom Cecelia Powers says, "I appreciate that God blessed us to be a part of their happiness."

Aerial Powers says, "I tried not to cry when I got the news, cause it was heart warming that I could actually make her dream come true."

For Aerial, who is the only Detroiter currently in the WNBA, and even has a doll in her image with the motto "I can do it" this is her chance to pass her blessings to the next generation.

Aerial says, "If I can do it, the next girl like Gabrielle can do it also."

Aerial Powers will be holding her first local basketball camp on the week of February 11th at the Hype Gym in Detroit. She's invited Gabrielle and her sister to take part.