Wayne County prosecutors under fire for supporting dirty cops in drug conviction

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Two former Detroit drug cops are set to be sentenced next week to what could be up to two decades in prison, as four Assistant Wayne County Prosecutors are now being questioned for what is considered bad judgment and acting without proper authority.

Former Lt. David Hansberry and former Officer Bryan Watson were both convicted in Federal Court of Conspiracy. They were accused of taking cash and drugs from drug dealers.

Pictures in the federal case show hundreds of thousands of dollars were involved in the case as well as cocaine.

The four Assistant Wayne County Prosecutors wrote letters to the Federal Judge urging light sentences and in a couple of cases no prison time.

One assistant prosecutor used to date Hansberry. He is 37 and a 16 year veteran of the Detroit Police Department.

Watson is 47 and was with the department 22 years.

Both face up to 20 years in prison when sentenced on Wednesday. 

Their defense attorneys are asking for lighter sentences, because the jury found them not guilty of Extortion, Distribution of Cocaine and Carrying a Firearm during a drug trafficking crime.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy in a statement said this was inappropriate behavior and she is disappointed in their lack of judgment writing the letters in their official capacity. 

Worthy said she will be speaking with them to determine what action will be taken. 

Read her complete statement below:

The four assistant prosecutors who wrote letters in support of former DPD Lt. David Hansberry did so on their own and did not disclose this to myself or their supervisors. All four wrote in their professional capacity to advocate for a federally convicted defendant.  Their behavior was highly inappropriate and I am extremely disappointed in their lack of judgment.  I would never condone their acting in their professional capacity.  I have spoken personally with acting United States Attorney Barbara McQuade about this situation and expressed my concern. We will speaking to the assistant prosecutors involved  to determine what  action will be taken.

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