Wayne State students taking precautions after a series of rapes nearby

Posted at 9:55 PM, Oct 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-20 23:13:14-04

Three separate, disturbing incidents of women being abducted and raped near the Russell Industrial Complex in Detroit have female students at a nearby college campus on alert.

Detroit police have made one arrest, but continue to investigate.

These incidents did not happen on the campus of Wayne State nor were any students victims. However, women on campus that heard about the incidents nearby say they aren’t taking any chances.

Lana Mashni says whenever possible she makes sure she’s not walking alone especially at night, even on campus with police in view.

On September 30th, a woman riding her bicycle alone down Milwaukee Street, near Orleans, told police she was headed to her boyfriend’s house when two men pulled up in a white van drove her around town raping her and forcing her to withdraw money from her bank account.

She posted to social media detailing what happened. It’s been shared more than eight thousand times on Facebook.

Then on October 11th in Hamtramck, another woman was abducted and raped. Then a third incident reported nearby.

The details have not been released. 7 Action news has confirmed two more attempted abductions.

In all of the disturbing incidents, the victims were alone.

Word has spread around campus, causing women to be extra cautious and giving others advice to stay safe.

Initially two men were arrested. One man was released.

DPD says this investigation is a top priority.