Who owner the dump next door to a Detroit senior citizen? A main in trouble with the feds!

Posted: 6:15 PM, Aug 18, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-18 18:16:05-04

When an elderly woman was afraid for her safety because of the vacant houses next door, she turned to 7 Action News. 

Since our report, numerous blight violations were issued, including $750 for failure to maintain a vacant building and $500 for a building with hazardous conditions.

Ignoring the blight notices will get expensive. Tickets will be issued every 14 days until the property owners comply.  

After 30 days of non payment of the blight fines, misdemeanor tickets are issued.

7 Action News Reporter Ronnie Dahl started looking into who owned the properties. One home was recently boarded up and the taxes have been paid. The owner was making an effort, so we focused on the most dangerous of the houses. 

Online records show it’s owned by Malik Fuqua and over $4,000 in back taxes are owed.  

7 Action News tried contacting Fuqua. He’s the registered owner of 1st Priority Physical Therapy with two locations in the area. 

When 7 Action News stopped by, we were told he wasn’t around. 

In fact, at the Oak Park location, a building employee said Fuqua hasn’t been around, the business has been closed and Fuqua is behind on the rent. 

Online records show, Fuqua and two others were recently busted by the feds, accused of health care fraud. 1st Priority Physical Therapy’s assets were seized, including more than $200,000.

Fuqua’s attorney told 7 Action News his client doesn’t believe he still owns the blighted property.