Detroit widow forgives suspects in husband's murder as they face trial

Posted at 11:19 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 06:33:36-04

“It's like when I do these interviews, that's when it seems real,” says Angela Foster.

Her husband Willie Foster is really gone.

“I’ve been with him, since i was 14 and I’m 50. And it's like don't know, I don't know what else to do now,” she says.

Life is different. Sad. Lonely. All because two men with two guns made the choice to barge into Willie’s body shop on September 21st of last year.

“I know it had to be a setup because cameras were moved the day before,” she says.

But not all of them. Surveillance video captures the spineless cowards in action

“I know they robbed him, by the video,” Foster says. “He had an altercation with one of them and the guy left and came back 7 minutes later with a gun and shot and killed him.”

The other guy?

“He came through the back with a gun in his hand. Just in case my husband happened to run his way,” she says.

Angela Foster received the call, that her heart, her husband, known as Trans Am Willie - was the victim of murder, gunned down at his east side collision shop.

Willie was shot 3 times

“It was a nightmare. Something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy,” she says.

Or the pain of knowing his killers are walking among us.

“Homicide was on it.  And I called every day,” she says. “I know they got tired of me.”

Crime Stoppers was on the case too. And one day, a tip came into Crime Stoppers. DPD followed it and they got a hit.

“I broke down, I cried. I feel down to my knees,” foster says. “They caught the killers, they caught them in March. And i just wasn't ready to let the public know yet. Everybody's case is not a cold case. If people call in. They will catch the killers.”

Angela has a message for the killers.

“I forgive you. But the person you need to forgive you is God,” she says.