Witnesses testify suspects bragged about how they killed Melvindale mom

Posted at 6:30 PM, Nov 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 18:30:03-05

It was another emotional day in the courtroom for Amanda Benton's family - as witnesses and detectives described how the suspects say they killed her.

Twenty-three-year-old Jacob Barnes and 16-year-old Jeremy Lee are charged in the gruesome death of Benton, who was just 29.

A witness taking the stand Friday testified after Amanda went missing, she saw the pair with a purse, and inside were receipts with Amanda's name.

She then testified that the two bragged about how they killed her.

It was hard to hear for Amanda's loved ones - some even rushing out of the courtroom crying, while testimony continued - including from detectives, who say surveillance video shows Barnes and Lee getting gas - which they would later use to burn her body.

Police say the Melvindale mom was killed in September 26th. She was reported missing until her burned body was later found in an abandoned house on Vanderbilt in Detroit.

At the last hearing, emotions ran high as Amanda's family and Lee and Barnes' families met for the first time.

Today the families were separated in the courtroom - with extra police presence.

Amanda's family says all they want is justice.

Barnes and Lee are facing multiple charges each, including murder. If convicted, they'll spend the rest of their lives behind bars.