Woman gives birth in Detroit gas station parking lot

Posted at 10:29 PM, Nov 14, 2017

It was a frantic scene for a woman earlier this morning, forced to deliver a baby at the Sunoco on 7 Mile and Hoover in Detroit.

Not wanting to do it alone, the woman and her uncle made a call for help. 

First on the scene? Not the EMS, but rather, the firefighters of Engine 60. They say they arrived within seconds of getting the call, finding the woman in the front seat, with the baby in her lap. 

Getting there within seconds allowed the firefighters to assist with critical post-delivery procedures like suctioning out the airway, cleaning out the baby's mouth and getting the baby to be warm. 

Paramedics arrived to the scene shortly thereafter and transported them to the hospital for further evaluation. 

The mom gave birth to a little baby boy, and both of them are said to be in good health.